Aquael Ultra Heater

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The Aquael Ultra Heater is an exceptionally precise and durable aquarium heater designed for use in freshwater and marine environments. Encased in an impact-resistant plastic housing to protect the device from aggressive fish, large turtles or accidental bumps, the heater also sports a built-in electronic thermostat to monitor the internal temperature of your aquarium water.

Incredibly easy to use, the heater can be controlled using the one-touch system that uses a single button circled by LED lights that indicate current and set temperature levels. Temperature can be set within a range between 20°C and 33°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.25° C. Additionally, the heater comes with a built-in system that prevents the occurrence of overheating your aquarium in hot weather, effectively saving your favourite fishy friends! The temperature can be set at levels high enough to treat many common fish illnesses such as Ich but is still sensitive enough that it will not burn or damage sensitive fish and plants.

25w aquariums between 2.64-6.6 gallons

50w aquariums between 3.9-13.2 gallons

75w aquariums between 9.2-19.8 gallons

100w aquariums between 15.8-26.4 gallons

150w aquariums between 23.7-39.6 gallons

200w aquariums between 34.3-52.8 gallons