Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue

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The New A160WE

- More power than the 150!
- Controllable like its big brother, the 360!
- Wide angle lens for up-to 24” of coverage!

Kessil lights are the only LEDs capable of producing a spectacular
shimmer that rivals MH. The effect gives the look of natural sunlight on
a coral reef. It's like having your own piece of the ocean.

Kessil LED chips are manufactured in-house with spectrums
customized for aquarist needs. Dense Matrix™ technology is used to
build LED arrays with unique spectral blends. A proprietary blend of UV
light enhances coral growth and color.

Patented Dense Matrix LED™ technology concentrates multiple LED
chips into a single light source, creating better and deeper penetration,
without sacrificing coverage. New E-Series LEDs are 15% brighter.

Tune the spectrum (10,000K – Actinic) and intensity for a personalized
look. Kessil Logic™ maintains consistent output across the tunable

Power Supply: 100-240V AC (input), 19V DC (output)
Size: 4” x 2.48”
Coverage Area: 12”- 24” surface diameter
Power Consumption: 40W