Xtreme Aquatic Foods Betta Floating Pellets - 2.5oz


Xtreme Aquatic Foods Betta Floating Pellets - 2.5oz

Product description

If you love Bettas as we do, you will feed them Xtreme's floating Betta pellets.  Although Bettas thrive on all kinds of foods, you want to enhance the real natural colours of each fish. Most colouring foods change the colour or highlight one colour over another; not natural.

Here's why Xtreme is different. The developer and owner of Florida Exotic Fish Sales needed food that would make all the fish on his farm, over 500,000 plus, look just like they do in the wild. He wanted to make sure the colours were brilliant. So, these are the best ingredients and are perfectly formulated.

Oh, BTW - We include a cool .5cc portion spoon in each 2.5 oz jar so you don't overfeed. Use Betta Pellets sparingly but use with confidence.

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