Corydoras Dwarf (Corydoras hastats)

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One of the smallest species of Corydoras and an ideal, active schooling fish for the aquarium. This species is a true shoaling fish which aggregates in groups of hundreds to thousands in nature, and unlike most Corydoras will spend a substantial amount of time swimming in the water column rather than on the substrate. They will exhibit this same ‘swarming’ behavior and constant activity if kept in groups of 10 or more. With their small adult size and compatibility with almost any other small fish or invertebrate, they are an extremely popular addition to planted and shrimp tanks.

Common Name: Pygmy Corycat
Scientific name: Corydoras pygmaeus
Origin: Colombia, Brazil, and Peru
Maximum Size: 1 inch

Tank Parameters:
Size: 10 Gallon+
pH: 6.2–7.4
Temperature: 60-78°F

Temperament: Peaceful
Breeding: Moderate
Difficulty: Easy

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