Seachem Tidal Power Filter Seachem Tidal Power Filter
Seachem Tidal Power Filter from $69.99
The Seachem Tidal Power Filter is made in Italy, ideal for freshwater or saltwater applications with a built-in surface skimmer and self-priming feed pump. No priming is required for this model and they feature a super quiet operation with a hang-on-filter design. Easily adjust the flow rate with the uppermost dial and the lowermost dial to choose whether you wish the water to pull primarily from the surface skimmer, intake pipe or both. This filter provides the option of using heater clips, located on the side; however, they may be removed if you do not wish to use them. A blue peg located at the top will automatically pop up alerting you when it requires maintenance. The Tidal Power Filter is newly designed from the ground up to provide your aquarium with optimal filtration and low maintenance for a super clean and healthy environment. Your aqua life needs clean filtered water to grow at their best potential. Trusted and used by hobbyists and experts.
Seapora Filter Floss Seapora Filter Floss
Seapora Filter Floss from $3.99
Seapora Filter Floss is a dense mechanical filter media designed to remove fine/coarse particulate matter from your aquarium system. This process prevents obstructions in the biological media, thereby diminishing the risk of fish stress and disease. Also helps keep your aquarium water crystal clear! Seapora Filter Floss can be cut and shaped to fit any filtration system, such as: Canister Filters, Hang-On Filters, Trickle Filters, Pond Filters, Wet/Dry Filters, and other mechanical filter applications. Great for both freshwater and marine applications.
Seachem Purigen Seachem Purigen
Seachem Purigen from $21.99
Seachem Purigen is a tool that every hobbyist, both beginner and advanced, should have in their aquatic tool kit. It is a scientifically formulated premium synthetic adsorbent that is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities from both freshwater and saltwater at a rate and capacity that exceeds all other competitive products by over 500%. The formula helps to control ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would build up and release harmful chemicals into your aquarium water column, negatively impacting all aquatic life within the aquarium. Though Purigen's impact on beneficial trace elements is minimal, it significantly raises redox and polishes water with unparalleled clarity. Seachem Purigen's ability to clear haziness and polish water is unparalleled in the market today. Unlike other available competitive products which are just basic ion-exchange resins, this solution is specifically designed to be an organic scavenging resin and generally ignores simple elemental compounds, having an extreme affinity for nitrogenous organics. Nitrogenous compounds come from aquarium waste produced by fish, coral, as well as plants. The Purigen beads are uniquely spherical and macro-reticular in shape and the increased surface area provides an enhanced capacity with microscopic pores that increase its usable surface area to many times that of other products on the market, which are made of purely spherical resin. The versatile product can be used in a wide variety of filtration applications such as in a canister filter, media chamber, box filter, or any high flow area of a trickle filter. To add to the already incredibly functionality of this product, Purigen can actually be regenerated to retain efficiency and effectiveness in the long term. As it adsorbs waste products, the beads will change colour from a pale blonde to a dark brown, nearly black coloration. Once it is exhausted, it can be regenerated with a solution of bleach and water. The bleach will literally "burn off" the organics that have been removed from the tank. Watch out for products that claim to be regenerable with a brine solution. That is the regeneration procedure for ion-exchange purposes. Brine solutions will not remove necessary harmful organics. While such resins have a limited capacity for organic adsorption, a brine regeneration process only replaces removed ionic compounds and it does not destroy large organic molecules that were removed, which is the primary function of organic adsorption resins in the first place.
Python Airline Tubing Python Airline Tubing
Python Airline Tubing from $0.45
Python airline tubing is made from a non-toxic, FDA approved, and ozone safe material. Its pale blue color is easy to conceal, making it virtually invisible in your aquarium. Python airline tubing is flexible and will never crack or yellow like inferior competing products. Fits all standard air pumps, aerating ornaments, and accessories.
Ista Bio-Sponge Filter Ista Bio-Sponge Filter
Ista Bio-Sponge Filter from $11.99
The Ista Bio-Sponge Filter is a two-pronged filtration system making use of both mechanical and biological filtration methods. The biological filtration is provided by the healthy bacteria that colonize on the foam section of the filter and the mechanical filtration comes from the consistent filtering of water through the minuscule holes of the sponge. The Ista Bio-Sponge Filter dramatically improves the quality of water by adding high concentrations of oxygen. The unit is compatible with air pumps and external filters and boasts a silent operation by reducing air pump noise output. The cylindrical shape and design allow for more effective filtration and more efficient space management
Seapora Cut-To-Fit Filter Pads Seapora Cut-To-Fit Filter Pads
Seapora Cut-To-Fit Filter Pads from $6.99
The Seapora Poly Pad is a dense mechanical filter pad fabricated to remove fine/coarse particulate matter from your aquarium system. This process prevents obstructions in the biological media, thereby diminishing the risk of fish stress and disease. It also helps keep your aquarium water crystal clear! 18" x 10" The Seapora Carbon Pad is a dense chemical filter pad designed to absorb dissolved organic matter, remnants of medications, and tannins from driftwood. It also facilitates the removal of particulates, odours, and discoloration from your aquarium system. 18" x 10" The Seapora Ammonia Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that removes Ammonia from your aquarium water; effectively reducing the possibility of Ammonia poisoning. Seapora Ammonia Pads lower the risk of fish stress and disease while promoting crystal clear water. This media should be implemented as a preventative measure or treatment; and not as a remedy for persistent Ammonia concentrations. 18" x 10" The Seapora Nitrate + Nitrite Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that neutralizes nitrate and toxic nitrite in freshwater aquariums. It reduces the possibility of nitrite poisoning and helps reduce fish stress caused by the presence of nitrite. Nitrates can cause kidney, liver and eye problems in fish, as well as appetite suppression. 18" x 10" The Seapora Phos Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that absorbs phosphate from your aquarium. In high concentrations, phosphate is a major food source for troublesome algae. Phosphate gradually accumulates due to overfeeding, lack of regular maintenance, and decaying organic matter. 18" x 10"
Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washer & Siphon Kit Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washer & Siphon Kit
Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washer... from $12.99
The Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washer & Siphon Kit is perfect for the beginner and experienced hobbyist alike. It effectively separates and removes debris from your aquarium while you perform routine water changes. The Pro-Clean is constructed using only the highest quality materials.
Seachem Tidal Matrix Carbon Seachem Tidal Matrix Carbon
Seachem Tidal Matrix Carbon from $16.99
Seachem Tidal 110 MatrixCarbon is the ideal powerful chemical filter media for freshwater aquariums. The high-efficiency material is made up of activated carbon that has been formed into a spherical bead for optimum hydrodynamics. It will not pack together, and combined with high density macroporous binding sites, ensures a consistent flow and contact of water at all times. Features a very low ash content, which means it has a minimal impact on the pH levels within your tank, and even in distilled water, the pH will not raise about 7.0. Compared to other carbon filter media on the market, MatrixCarbon has the lowest detectable leachable phosphate content and outperforms other carbons but at least twofold in the capacity to remove organic matter, rates of absorption and duration of use. This material acts not only as a chemical filter but as a unique mechanical filter as well, though it is only capable of filtering objects of molecular size. Featuring extremely minute cracks and crevices called macropores and micropores, the microporous carbon removes primarily metals and small ions such as trace minerals and is well suited for air filtration, while macroporous carbons remove primarily larger organic molecules (like nitrogenous waste) and are best suited to water filtration.
Supreme Air Pump Supreme Air Pump
Supreme Air Pump from $29.99
The Aqua-Supreme recirculating air pumps are designed to provide reliable, near-silent performance for a wide range of freshwater and marine applications. Housed in a sleek outer shell, energy-efficient motor. Flexible rubber stabilizers keep the pump in place, while effectively absorbing vibrations to ensure quiet operation. With a maximum depth rating of 4.5 feet, this easy-to-use air pump is capable of powering a variety of aeration accessories accepting standard airline tubing. C-UL-US Listed for safety.
EHEIM Jäger TruTemp Submersible Heater EHEIM Jäger TruTemp Submersible Heater
EHEIM Jäger TruTemp Submersible... from $42.99
Precisely regulated, constant water temperature is very important for the comfort and success of your aquarium inhabitants. The Jäger TruTemp adjustable heater is an ultra-modern electronic thermal device offering today's best technology. Designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, Jäger TruTemp fully-submersible heaters include great features such as: Shatterproof Glass Construction - Made with laboratory-grade glass, TruTemp heaters are free of pollutants, resistant to chemical and biological substances, and able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Their glass jackets also enlarge the heating surface and ensure even heat distribution. TruTemp Dial - Temperature can be precisely adjusted from 18° to 34° C (65° to 93° F). Using the TruTemp dial with a readjustment ring, the user can recalibrate the heater for a precise temperature reading. Control accuracy is +/- 0.5° C. Thermo Safety Control - This safety mechanism enables "running-dry" protection. The heater will shut off when removed from the water and resume functioning upon return. On/Off Indicator Light - This convenient feature eliminates guessing and enables the user to verify the heater function without getting their hands wet! Each Jäger TruTemp Heater also includes a mounting bracket with dual suction cups for secure and flexible placement within your aquarium system. Lastly, an extra-long power cord accommodates most applications.
EHEIM Thermocontrol e Heater EHEIM Thermocontrol e Heater
EHEIM Thermocontrol e Heater from $57.99
The EHEIM thermocontrol e is a top-of-the-line, fully submersible aquarium heater designed for both freshwater and saltwater environments. The heater takes on the classic "hang in the water" design, but elevates its functionality with incredibly precise temperature adjustments between 20°C and 32°C, accurate within ± 0.5°C. Includes dry-running protection to offer unmatched safety and control in the event of low water levels or other accidents. This reliable heater has been constructed with a state-of-the-art glass jacket that increases the heating surface and acts as a heat shield, ensuring optimum heat emission and uniform distribution around the tank. Boasting the high-quality construction standard of German Engineering, the heater is ideal for both the experienced hobbyist and new fish keeper, with a 3-year manufacturer warranty for even greater ease of mind. To the benefit of aquarists everywhere, this ultra-modern electronic thermal device requires zero readjustments for accurate results and includes a convenient 5.5-foot long plug-in cable, a double suction cup holder to securely place the heater anywhere in the tank and an easily visible control lamp that indicates red for "heating up" and green for "temperature reached".
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Seapora Filter Sponge Seapora Filter Sponge
Seapora Filter Sponge from $14.99
The Seapora Breeder Sponge Filter is designed for applications requiring gentle, low-flow filtration. Ideal for breeding, fry, quarantine and shrimp aquariums, this easy-to-use filter provides superior mechanical and biological filtration. It can be driven by an air pump or powerhead and is suitable for freshwater and marine use.  
Hikari Bacto-Surge Sponge Filter Kit - Mini
Hikari Bacto-Surge Sponge Filter... $8.99
The Hikari Bacto-Surge Sponge Filter Kit provides unmatched biological and mechanical filtration and is well suited for delicate fry tanks, breeding tanks, quarantine applications, nano betta tanks as well as for sensitive, slow-moving fish such as colourful & exotic discus. The high-quality, porous sponge offers a sizable surface area with thousands of microscopic pores that encourage the growth and colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria. Versatile and reliable, the unit can be used as a polishing filter for canister filter applications, in combination with hang-on filters or be used as uplift tubes on under gravel filters. The durable sponge filter is composed of long-lasting polyether foam with an uplift tube and air diffuser combo that provides maximum flow and won't easily clog with debris. The filter improves oxygen levels and contributes to healthy water in your aquarium.
Seachem Algae Pads - Single
Seachem Algae Pads -... $4.49
Seachem Algae Pads are professional quality non-scratch algae pads for glass and acrylic aquariums. Made with melamine foam, which utilizes micro-abrasive technology to effortlessly remove algae from the sides of your aquarium. The texture of these pads even removes algae from scratches in aquarium walls. Chemically inert and made without the use of soaps or detergents, Seachem's Algae Pads will not leave any negative impact on your aquarium. The white colour makes spotting leftover algae simple, allowing you to keep scrubbing until an area is fully clean.
Underwater Treasures Floating Glass Thermometer
Underwater Treasures Floating Glass... $3.99
Floating Glass Thermometers deliver accurate and easy-to-read temperature measurements for home or commercial aquariums. The unique floating design is equipped with a strong suction cup. Either secure the thermometer to the side of the tank in a convenient location or allow it to float freely on top of the water for a better picture of tank temperature in a variety of locations. The clear glass thermometer displays temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for international use. The thermometer is suitable for use in freshwater or saltwater tanks. Underwater Treasures Floating Glass Thermometers are mercury-free for fish safety. The thermometers measure 4.5 inches in length and include a green band on the temperature line to indicate the correct aquarium water temperature for optimal fish comfort and health. The glass thermometer can be cleaned as needed and the smooth glass surface resists fogging and algae growth. Underwater Treasures Floating Glass Thermometers require no batteries or special equipment to operate and are guaranteed to be accurate.

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