Ista Glass Shrimp Egg Tumbler


Ista Glass Shrimp Egg Tumbler

Product description

The Ista Shrimp Egg Hatching Tumbler is an essential addition to any freshwater or saltwater aquarium that houses a number of female and male shrimp. Due to a variety of different reasons, from accidental drops to death, a mother shrimp can sometimes release her eggs before they are at the appropriate stage of development.

The Ista Shrimp Egg Hatching Tumbler comes with all the necessary tools to act as an effective surrogate and artificially hatch the eggs. The eggs will be set at the bottom of the glass tube, and using a consistent flow of air, the eggs will be ever so slightly moved and tumbled to ensure that they are not stagnating and no mold is able to grow on them.

Features rubber suction cups for simple and immediate installation in your aquarium.

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