Gecko Madagascar Giant (Phelsuma grandis)

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Defining characteristics:

  • Beautiful colours
  • Diurnal, arboreal gecko
  • Hardy and easy to care for

Recommended Enclosure: Screen and glass enclosures measuring 24 inches tall by 24 inches long by 12 inches wide will comfortably house an adult.

Many substrates designed for rain forest terrariums can be used successfully, including peat/soil mixtures, coconut fiber and various bark chips. The only provision is that the particle size of the substrate should be large enough so that it cannot be accidentally ingested by the geckos while they are catching insect prey, as this could lead to intestinal blockage.


Giant day geckos are highly opportunistic feeders. In the wild, they consume various insects, fruit, small lizards and even small mammals if given the opportunity. This diverse palate makes feeding giant day geckos in captivity simple. They accept commercially bred insects such as crickets, waxworms, mealworms and cockroaches. Commercially available nutritionally balanced diets for frugivore lizards have become available (e.g., Repashy Superfoods) and are highly recommended for giant day geckos. Insects can be offered two times a week and fruit diet one to two times a week.

All insect prey should be dusted with a high-quality calcium/vitamin D3 supplement at every feeding. A multimineral supplement should also be used once per week. These supplements can be added to fruit-based diets as well.

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