Hikari Frozen Spirulina Mysis Shrimp - Cubes 3.5 oz

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Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Spirulina Mysis Shrimp are a top-of-the-line treat designed specifically for a wide variety of freshwater and marine fish such as cichlids, angels, triggerfish, wrasses, seahorses and more. The frozen cubes contain live Mysis Shrimp that have been harvested at their nutritional peak to provide your fancy fish with the highest levels of vitamins, nutrients and natural fatty acids possible.

Additionally, these cubes have been gut-loaded with bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins and enhanced with spirulina to encourages proper physical development and vibrant coloration. The easily digestible cubes are great for herbivorous fish and have gone through a rigorous multi-step cleaning process to ensure they are completely free of harmful parasites, bacteria or foul odours. The frozen treat locks in all valuable nutrients with an easy "no-touch" packaging that makes feeding your aquatic pets easy and hassle-free! Comes in 32 cubes.