Ista CO2 Aluminum Cylinder Set - Pressure Reduced

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Do you want to have the most robust, lush planted aquarium possible? By implementing a CO2 system into your freshwater aquarium setup, you will provide the missing link that has been holding your plants back from luscious green growth! The Ista CO2 Aluminum Cylinder Set (Pressure Reduced) is the perfect solution for growing healthy, strong plants, and contains all of the necessary components to take your planted aquarium to the next level, with little assembly time.

The refillable 1 litre CO2 Aluminum Cylinder included in this set features a face-up connection, for easy, convenient installation. It is DOT approved, safety and quality assured, and its surface has been treated with epoxy resin coating, to ensure it remains free from oxidation. The included Precise CO2 Pressure Regulator which attaches to the cylinder ensures your water is being reliably and accurately dosed with CO2, at an adjustable rate. Easily reduce or increase the amount of CO2 released into you aquarium, based of your plants needs, with the simple twist of the knob on the regulator.

Also included in this set is the Intense Flow CO2 Bubble Counter. Constructed from an acrylic material, it provides an easy and safe method of monitoring the dosing rate of CO2 into your aquarium. To enhance the contact time between CO2 and your aquariums water a Ceramic CO2 Diffuser is included. Its ultra-slim design allows you to install it at the bottom of your aquarium, increasing the diffusing rate.

The Ista CO2 Aluminum Cylinder Set features all of the necessary accessories along with the , to ensure a safe, tidy setup. The kit includes a CO2 Cylinder Support Base, Air Pipe and Air Pipe Holder, and a Stainless Steel Spring Check Valve. The Support Base secures your CO2 cylinder in an upright position at all times, preventing any potential damage. The Air Pipe is the appropriate vessel for transporting CO2 from the tank to all of the connected devices, with the Pipe Holder securing them to your aquarium where necessary. Finally the stainless steel spring check valve ensures the function and longevity of your Co2 bottle by controlling back flow.

Please Note: Ista refillable CO2 canisters are DOT certified and stamped DOT-3AL. The bottle threading is identical to North American paintball CO2 canisters, however some refill stations may require an additional o-ring for proper refilling.

Kit Includes:

  • Air Pipe
  • Air Pipe Holder
  • Spring Check Valve
  • Ceramic CO2 Diffuser
  • Intense Flow CO2 Bubble Counter
  • Precise CO2 Pressure Regulator
  • Cylinder Supporting Base

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