Ista pH Controller

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This pH Controller designed by Ista is a fantastic, convenient device that will greatly aid you in monitoring the acidity level of your aquarium water. Functional in both freshwater and saltwater applications, this Controller provides convenient measurement of pH levels.

Most often utilized in conjunction with CO2 systems, calcium reactors, and dosing pumps, it has the ability to monitor, control, and regulate pH levels in your water. Simply insert the probe from the system in which you are using it with, program your desired optimal range and this Controller will automatically turn the system on or off to maintain the appropriate levels.

This pH Controller includes 4.01 and 7.0 calibration fluid, and has been manufactured with a control panel cover to protect against water, dust, and/or debris. It features a hanging rack that is suitable for a wide range of glass thicknesses, so it can be easily installed anywhere you like. Plus, its LED screen ensures you get an accurate, clear reading every time! 3.5" x 2.25" x 6"

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