Kordon Rapid Cure

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ICH: Small white spots commonly seen over entire body, fish may have itching that causes otto scratch and rub against tank bottom or rocks and decor.

PROTOZOAN FIN DAMAGE: (sometimes referred to as fin rot): fins band/or tail are frayed and may have missing edges - appearance is eroded and fin may look opaque.

PROTOZOAN PARASITES:  this condition produces a white or grayish film of surface mucus - some infections may show visible worms, rapid breathing and flashing ( rubbing and scratching while moving along the tank bottom.)

  • FAST ACTING! Relieves symptoms in just 48 Hours!
  • Just 1 drop per gallon 
  • Relieves surface itching
  • Treats Ich infections
  • Treats Fin Damage due to Protozoans
  • Treats External Protozoan parasites
  • For Fresh and Saltwater

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