Minnow White Cloud Mountain (Tanichthys albonubes)

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When kept in the right temperature range, this species of fish is very hardy and well suited for beginner hobbyists. Although undemanding when it comes to water quality, this minnow does not deal with heat well.

Substrate for the white cloud mountain minnow tank should be fine and darker in colour, with plenty of vegetation as well as some rocks and driftwood. Leave an open area for swimming and offer subdued lighting to bring out the colours of this fish.​ Water hardness and pH are not critical, but it is wise to avoid extremes. Avoid the use of all medications containing copper, as white cloud mountain minnows are very sensitive to copper.

White cloud mountain minnows are sometimes kept as pond fish to help control the breeding of mosquitoes. Keep in mind that they cannot be kept with large pond fish, as they will be eaten. They do, however, make good companions for frogs.

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