Seachem Glass Feeder


Seachem Glass Feeder

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Glass Feeder
The Seachem Glass Feeder is the perfect solution for aquarium owners who do not want to get fish food on their hands during feeding time. The shapely glass tube feeder is suitable for a variety of food sizes and types, such as flakes and pellets, and is suitable for various marine and freshwater aquariums. The elegant tool is able to store and dispense food with accuracy, eliminating the inconsistent measurements of pinching the food and hand feeding your aquatic inhabitants.

Turn the feeder so that the opening is facing up. Press down on the spring loaded rod; the glass sphere will raise allowing you to pour your food of choice into the Feeder.

Simply press down on the spring loaded rod. The glass sphere will lower allowing food to pour out. Experiment with how much much pressure you apply to the rod in order to increase or decrease the amount of food being released.

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