Seachem Tidal Power Filter

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Model: Tidal 35
Sale price$69.99 CAD


The Seachem Tidal Power Filter is made in Italy, ideal for freshwater or saltwater applications with a built-in surface skimmer and self-priming feed pump. No priming is required for this model and they feature a super quiet operation with a hang-on-filter design. Easily adjust the flow rate with the uppermost dial and the lowermost dial to choose whether you wish the water to pull primarily from the surface skimmer, intake pipe or both. This filter provides the option of using heater clips, located on the side; however, they may be removed if you do not wish to use them. A blue peg located at the top will automatically pop up alerting you when it requires maintenance.

The Tidal Power Filter is newly designed from the ground up to provide your aquarium with optimal filtration and low maintenance for a super clean and healthy environment. Your aqua life needs clean filtered water to grow at their best potential. Trusted and used by hobbyists and experts.

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