Thrive C All-In-One Liquid Fertilizer

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Thrive C is a liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants. It comprises a non-glut-based source of bio-available carbon which provides 2-3x more than other carbon supplements.

Thrive C fertilizer is a comprehensive supplement specifically designed for lower-tech planted aquariums.

You will find all the necessary micro and macronutrients for lush plant growth in the Thrive C aquarium fertilizer.

  • Thrive C fertilizer is a truly comprehensive supplement for low tech planted tanks
  • Highly concentrated all in one aquarium plant fertilizer
  • Thrive C aquarium fertilizer contains a non-glut-based, bio-available carbon source
  • Liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants with all necessary macro and micronutrients
  • Store at or near room temperature, no refrigeration necessary.