Tropifit Parrot Food - 1kg

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  • Carefully selected blend of only natural ingredients
  • Seeds, beans, fruits, and vegetables provide nutrition
  • Very easily digested and assimilated for less waste
  • Many different natural seasonings added for palatability
  • Regular feeding helps to maintain brilliant plumage

Tropifit's Parrot Food is a rich blend based on carefully selected natural ingredients, designed to suit the tastes and needs of large parrots. Each bag contains white and striped sunflower, safflower, and pumpkin seeds, along with peas, mungo beans, dried fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients. Wheat granules have been added as a supplement, making this a very well-rounded food blend. As these are natural ingredients, this food is very easily digested and assimilated by bird digestive systems. Additional seasoning such as green, black, white, and chili peppers along with rosehip, groundnuts, and walnuts help to improve the palatability of the food, encouraging birds to eat and keeping them happy and healthy. Regular feeding helps to maintain excellent overall health and brilliant plumage in birds.

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