Aquatic Life Barrel Buddie Smart Water Level Sensor Automatic Filler/Refiller Controller System

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The Barrel Buddie will monitor the water level at both high and low points in your barrel or container. When the lower sensor detects the water level, the low voltage solenoid will open and allow water to flow into the container. When the water level reaches the upper sensor, the solenoid will close.

Unlike float valves or auto top-off systems, the Barrel Buddie reduces TDS creep by allowing the RO unit to only operate once to fill the container. This will improve the overall TDS in your collection container and prolong the life of your DI resin if you are using DI filtration.

• Smart Fill Controller uses an upper and lower sensor to detect the water level in a barrel or container. When water falls below the level you set, the controller will open the solenoid, so water fills your container. The solenoid will close when the water level reaches the top sensor.
• Two Safety Shutoffs are built into the unit. If the high-water sensor does not close the solenoid, then a second back-up sensor will close the solenoid and sound an audible alarm. In addition, if there is a power outage, the solenoid will close preventing overfilling your container.
• LED Display makes it easy to view power status when your container is filling and when your container is full.
• Long Cords make it easy to place the sensors in controller in convenient to use locations. The high and low water sensors each have a 6 ½ ft cords and the solenoid has a 9 ½ ft cord.
• Simple Press Fit connectors make it easy to plumb standard ¼” reverse osmosis tubing to the solenoid. Water flow directional arrow on top of the solenoid takes guesswork out of plumbing.
• Strong Magnets are used to hold the high and low water sensor in the container of your choice. These magnets work with most plastic and rubber style containers. The easy finger grips can also be used a cord router on the outside of your container.