Aqueon Forge Metal Stand - 20" x 10"

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One of the main problems with the fish-keeping hobby is that no matter what, without fail, you always want more aquariums! But often, finding enough space for these aquariums is a major issue, especially if you live in apartment, condo or other compact living environment. This stand is an effective solution to your spatial restrictions, allowing for two different size fish tanks to be proudly displayed and offering aquarists the opportunity to create dazzling and uniquely different aquatic habitats without having a large footprint. The contemporary look of the Aqueon Forge Metal Stand allows it to easily integrate into any modern office or living space. Reversible wood panels offer versatility to your home decor with the option to choose between black or light brown, changing the appearance of the whole setup. For even greater versatility, this stand features a second shelf which can either house another aquarium or a place to display your family photos or home decor.

Measuring 20" x 10", the top shelf safely accommodates a 10 or 14 gallon aquarium, while the lower shelf is the ideal size for a 5.5 gallon aquarium. For the utmost convenience, the wood panel featured on the front of the Forge Stand flips upward, providing easy access to your lower-level aquarium for feeding and maintenance! Constructed of steel materials, this stand will prove to be very sturdy, durable, and dependable, withstanding the test of time. Its powder coated finish not only is aesthetically appealing, but also offers rust-resistant capabilities, ensuring the longevity of its pleasant appearance. With an easy 7-step assembly process, you will have your new stand upright, displaying your aquatic paradise in no time! 22.88" x 16.13" x 28.25"

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