Seachem Flourite Dark

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Weight: 3.6 kg
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Seachem Flourite Dark is a substrate of the highest quality. Composed of specially fracted stable porous clay gravel designed specifically for use in natural planted aquariums. The mineral-rich gravel is an attractive deep chocolate brown colour that is not chemically treated or coated and will not alter the delicate pH balances within the tank. The gravel is most effective when used on its own, but it may also be mixed with other types of substrates without any negative reaction. Gravel modifiers such as laterite are not necessary for the success of this gravel.

Despite the substrate being pre-washed, it should be thoroughly rinsed before use to remove any residual dust. Small amounts of initial cloudiness are normal and will clear quite quickly. For added convenience, the bag features an innovative mesh bottom that enables you to rinse your gravel right in the bag! The long-lasting gravel is good for the entire life of your aquarium!

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