Seapora Cut-To-Fit Phosphate Pad

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The Seapora Phosphate Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that absorbs phosphate from your aquarium. In high concentrations, phosphate is a major food source for troublesome algae. Phosphate gradually accumulates due to overfeeding, lack of regular maintenance, and decaying organic matter. 18" x 10"

The Seapora Poly Pad is a dense mechanical filter pad fabricated to remove fine/coarse particulate matter from your aquarium system. This process prevents obstructions in the biological media, thereby diminishing the risk of fish stress and disease. It also helps keep your aquarium water crystal clear! 18" x 10"

The Seapora Carbon Pad is a dense chemical filter pad designed to absorb dissolved organic matter, remnants of medications, and tannins from driftwood. It also facilitates the removal of particulates, odours, and discoloration from your aquarium system. 18" x 10"

The Seapora Ammonia Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that removes Ammonia from your aquarium water; effectively reducing the possibility of Ammonia poisoning. Seapora Ammonia Pads lower the risk of fish stress and disease while promoting crystal clear water. This media should be implemented as a preventative measure or treatment; and not as a remedy for persistent Ammonia concentrations. 18" x 10"

The Seapora Nitrate + Nitrite Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that neutralizes nitrate and toxic nitrite in freshwater aquariums. It reduces the possibility of nitrite poisoning and helps reduce fish stress caused by the presence of nitrite. Nitrates can cause kidney, liver and eye problems in fish, as well as appetite suppression. 18" x 10"

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