Tropical Marine Power Coral Food

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Size: LPS Mini Granules - 70 g
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Marine Power Coral Foods by Tropical are made with crustaceans, molluscs, and 5 species of algae and formulated to target specific corals. Choose from SPS Powder, LPS Granules, and LPS Mini Granules for the individual makeup of your reef aquarium's coral inhabitants. Each formula provides essential amino acids, phospholipids, polyunsaturated fatty acids (including Omega-3), carotenoids, vitamins, trace elements, and macronutrients of high bioavailability.

Regular feeding with Tropical's Marine Power Coral Food promotes healthy growth, encourages polyp extension, and intensifies colouration. Low phosphorus content helps to limit the risk of imbalance of aquarium parameters that can result from coral feeding. Tropical has created these foods with extra strength hydrostability, reducing the number of nutrients leaked into the water to an absolute minimum.

Blend details:

  • SPS Powder (1 - 250 micrometres) - non-photosynthetic corals, soft corals, SPS corals, and other filter feeders such as sponges, tunicates, etc.
  • LPS Granules (1.2 - 1.4 mm) - Ricordea, Rhodactis, Discosoma, Zoanthus soft corals, LPS corals, other small species of marine fish.
  • LPS Mini Granules (0.8 - 1.0 mm) - Ricordea, Rhodactis, Discosoma, Zoanthus soft corals, and LPS corals.

Keep your aquarium clean and your corals healthy with Tropical Marine Power Coral Foods!

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